Susan’s request

My wife has requested that I write about something she has observed.  Having learned SOMETHING in the last thirty years, I am going to comply.  She wants me to write about the absence of the availability of religious themed Christmas cards.  I don’t know about this from personal experience because I am generally of the bah humbug persuasion.  To me, the last thing I want is more mail and I figure I can’t be the only one.

Nonetheless, she tells me it is very hard to find Christmas cards that are unmistakably about the birth of Jesus.  It would not surprise me if this is true.  Based on my recent experiences searching for birthday cards, I imagine it is easier to find a Christmas card about farting, cleavage or binge drinking  than the birth of the savior of the world.

This leads to a conclusion that is so obvious that it is hardly worth saying anymore.  The USA and God parted company some time ago.  Name something that we do in our culture just because it is what God said to do.  In everything I can think of, we have embraced that which is directly counter to what God has commanded.  This is certainly true about everything related to marriage and sex.  God says that sex is for marriage and marriage is for keeps.  We can’t even agree that they are supposed to be between a male and a female!

The worst part is that our crumbling ethic in the area of marriage and sex is only the tip of the iceberg.   That is just the part of our rebellion against God that is most visible. But it runs much deeper.  The bottom line is that we just totally ignore God .  In modern America, the real Christ — the one that died on a cross because he was deadly serious about the problem of our sin — is no longer welcome.

So all that is left to our own generation is to continue to gradually cast off the remaining vestiges of an inherited faith (seemingly unimportant vestiges like Christmas cards about Jesus).  We throw these leftover symbols away because they make us uncomfortable, much like a winter coat on a summer day.  They make us uncomfortable because they no longer fit who we have become.

Let us pray hard that that changes.



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